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Re: Brush icons and color picker are blue and difficult to see 1 reply Users
Re: GEGL - run C2g batch in command line 0 replies Users
Re: Text Characters 7 replies Users
Re: Problem photos 1 reply Users
Re: Wilber Logo 2 replies Developers
Re: webp - Compiling gimp (and gegl) 0 replies Developers
webp - Compiling gimp (and gegl) 2 replies Developers
Re: GIMP still maintained by GNU 0 replies Users
Re: Modifying a selected area 0 replies Users
Re: DETAIL Cropping/Editing! 1 reply Users
Re: Importing PDF into Gimp 2.8.18 5 replies Users
Re: Keyboard shortcuts 0 replies Users
Keyboard shortcuts 1 reply Users
Re: Tutorial 0 replies Users
Re: webp format? 0 replies Developers
webp format? 7 replies Developers
Re: How, really, to do text? 1 reply Users
Re: GIMP logo 3 replies Users
Re: Text 0 replies Users
Re: GIMP can't find libmypaint-gegl 1 reply Developers