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Re: Any way to resize all the layers in an xcf file to fit the canvas? 0 replies Users
Re: GSoC project query 4 replies Developers
Re: Question about fonts and XCF files 0 replies Users
Re: Trouble building Gimp from GIT repo 2 replies Developers
Re: Why is the 0.44 version of poppler required? 0 replies Developers
Why is the 0.44 version of poppler required? 2 replies Developers
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Re: Compiling GIMP-2.9 with the new mypaint requirements 2 replies Developers
Re: Beginner's questions about Gimp & Wacom on Linux for a kid-friendly setup 0 replies Users
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Re: How to process photos that center exactly on photo paper standard sizes. 0 replies Users
Re: Compatibility with PS? 0 replies Users
Re: cairo.h missing - how can I locate it? 0 replies Developers
Is a high bit depth monitor worth getting? (was Re: emerge --emptytree : how to ?) 2 replies Users
Re: last git master of gimp/ is not possible complete the make on my behavior 0 replies Developers
Re: question about script-fu and GIMP 2.10 0 replies Developers
Re: request 0 replies Developers
Re: request 2 replies Developers
Re: Double mails from the list ? 2 replies Users
Re: Open / Edit Nikon D5500 NEF files ? 0 replies Users
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