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Re: Learning about GIMP 1 reply Developers
Re: My GIMP program is not in color 0 replies Users
ANNOUNCE: gimp-data-extras 2.0.4 released 0 replies Users
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Re: HEIF file format not yet on 2.10.2 Windows version ? 0 replies Users
Re: GIMP 2.10 for Mac [User manual] 0 replies Users
Re: gimp-user-list Digest, Vol 81, Issue 4 0 replies Users
Re: Missing QuickMask button 1 reply Users
Re: Bugs and error 0 replies Users
Re: gimptool with 2.99 1 reply Developers
Re: Toolbox Opens in Monochrome 0 replies Users
Re: HDF5 Support? 0 replies Users
Re: GIMP branched: new stable branch gimp-2-10 0 replies Developers
Re: gimprc in 2.10 1 reply Users
Re: sharpen filter 5 replies Users
Re: Upgrade the Antialias filter? 0 replies Developers
Re: Missing tools in new Toolbox 1 reply Developers
Re: GIMP 2.10 missing Levin-matting foreground extraction machine 1 reply Users
Re: Can't browse directories in GIMP 2.10 0 replies Users
Re: scale tool not maintaining aspect ratio 0 replies Users
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