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Re: Large XCF filesize 0 replies Users
Re: Gimp displays photos with white background, even though they should be transparrent 0 replies Users
Re: Gimp logo 1 reply Developers
Re: add gmic Integration in Gimp 0 replies Developers
Re: source code 0 replies Developers
Re: ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.10.10 released 0 replies Users
Re: Export to jpeg2000 0 replies Users
Re: GIMP-2.99 "No rule to make target 'gimpoperationmaskcomponents.c'" 0 replies Developers
Re: Why missing the color ? 0 replies Users
Re: Missing include file in current GIMP_2_10 branch 5 replies Developers
Re: new to photo editing 0 replies Users
Re: no recent macOS builds 1 reply Developers
Re: introducing me 0 replies Developers
Re: Windows Enterprise 0 replies Users
Re: configure: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Missing dep: appstream-glib >= 0.7.7 0 replies Developers
Re: GIMP development & contribution 0 replies Developers
Re: How to conribute to translate gimp 2.10 what's new 0 replies Users
Re: GIMP development & contribution 2 replies Developers
Re: put something on webpage about starting gimp 0 replies Users
Fw: MacOS-Build, maybe I could help? 0 replies Developers
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