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problems with input controllers

Casey Connor-2
I got a wacom pen tablet and was working through setting it up with gimp
on Kubuntu. (Wasn't particularly successful, but that's a different thread.)

Now my regular mouse is all misconfigured and I can't seem to fix
things. E.g. ctrl-scrolling with the mousewheel to zoom in/out is
broken. (Pen tablet is currently unplugged and system rebooted.)

If I wipe the profile dir, everything works again, but it seems like
there are bugs that should be fixed here, so I'll report what's
happening in case anyone has thoughts on how to fix it or what I may be
doing wrong.

Most times (but not all) when I pull up preferences, the mouse clicks
are ignored in that window. I have to use the keyboard to get the to
Input Controllers configuration pane, and maybe 50% of the time the
mouse will then work in that window. As I said, sometimes it all works fine.

With a fresh profile, I see "Main Mouse Wheel" and "Main Keyboard" on
the right, and "Mouse Wheel" and "Keyboard" on the left (as an aside, I
have no idea what the distinction between those two sets is supposed to
be.) I can't find in any of the configurations where
ctrl-scroll-up-on-the-mouse is associated with zooming in, but
apparently it happens somewhere, because it works with this default profile.

With my regular profile, I see "Mouse Wheel" on both the "Available" and
the "Active" list, which seems odd. "Keyboard" is in the available list,
and "Main Keyboard" is in the active list. But no amount of
configuration seems to matter. If I remove stuff from the "active" list,
or configure it however, I can never zoom in with the mouse scroll
wheel. Not to mention the intermittent inability to click in the
preferences window.

Any ideas? Thanks!

This is 2.9.5, commit 86e101e, on Kubuntu linux.


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