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new public GIMP mirror Hungary

Peter Makk
Dear GIMP Developers,

I would like to inform You that I have started a new public GIMP mirror.

I have rsync the project from an official GIMP mirror - every 6 hours - , but if
You give me the URL of the central GIMP repo and whitelist my server IPs
- and - it would really be appreciated.

_Mirror details_ for :

* ( &

It is two independent line as you can see here:

mirror's operator:
Quantum Mirror

URL of the mirror's operator:

The base URLs to the "gimp" directory:



* **

The name and contact address of the mirror operator:

Peter Makk
[hidden email]

Additional information about the mirror:

It only serves IPv4 connections.

Not providing FTP service, but it has a public rsync service up to 60
concurrent connections.



The mirror has 2x 350Mb/s international upload bandwidth.
(also accepts connections from other countries, regions and does not
limit their bandwidth).

If You need more information or have any questions, please feel free to
contact me by e-mail at [hidden email]

Best regards,

Peter Makk


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