User List email often arrives as one long line

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User List email often arrives as one long line

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I have noticed this with other people's queries/answers, but today after writing a [partial] reply to
someone's question, my answer (and the original question) appeared to be one long line.
My answer was not formatted that way.  
As you would expect, this is very hard to read.

I am assuming that something is happening to the messages at your end, before they are distributed by email
to all subscribers, but I suppose it could be something to do with my email server (AOL).
NOT all user list emails are this way, but some are.

Are other people experiencing the same thing?

If so, perhaps something in the email causes formatting to be discarded...

-Scott Jacobs

I would send screenshots of both my sent email, and the user-list email as received, but I seem
to recall one cannot attach files...  I know there are links to files in the body of some emails, but don't know
how people are accomplishing this.  If someone could explain this, I will try to send the screenshots...

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