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Re: macOS Catalina is not compatible with the newest Gimp

Michael Schumacher
Am 11.10.19 um 14:35 schrieb Diqi Yan:
> Hi gimp developers,
> So the problem is I cannot save and open my files after I update to Mac
> Catalina, it just keeps saying I don’t have permission to open or save on my
> documents or desktop, I tried to call apple customer service and they say they
> cannot help me, I should contact you guys about this problem.

The Apple customer service should have told you that Catalina has more
fine-grained control over what folders and files applications can
access, and how you can grant access to the folder for GIMP - if that is

We're basically hoping that someone with developer-level macOS
experience comes along and adds what is necessary to solve - it could be that this
can't be solved in GIMP, but has to be addressed in the libraries we use
(GTK, in this case).

P.S. please make sure that your mails contain both HTML and plain text.

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