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Asif Lodhi
Hi Adam,

[hidden email] (2005-05-22 at 1710.22 +0100):
> > Any opinions on that, anyone?
> ...................................., regardless of what The Other program
> does, though we DO have a super-handy little single-click panning
> tool on the image window already, so overall I don't think it's a
> compelling win (or loss).

I agree but you have to move the mouse pointer at the far bottom-right
corner of the screen if you are talking about that little panning tool
in the corner.  With space, you would be free to use your right hand
to draw/paint and your left hand to switch between panning and
painting modes - that will enable to you draw/paint with more freedom
and concentrate on the composition instead of tools.  In addition, I
would highly suggest that this convenience should also be incorporated
in other tools as well.  It would give us more convenience and
smoother workflow.  As far as key combinations are concerned, learning
key combinations is difficult when you start but, once you've learned
them, it makes composing graphics a whole lot easier.

Best regards

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