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Gene Heskett-2
On Sunday 19 March 2017 08:09:29 tonio evrardo wrote:

> How are you? I just discovered your website and your work on
> Gutenprint! Wow, it's fantastic!
> I just have one question:
> I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 (You might know what it is :D), I'd like to
> print something on a Canon MG 2950.
> I took a look at your printers' list and I saw it was in! I downloaded
> the package 5.2.12, and everything is OK.
> But no printing option... Have I to do something special? I'm sure
> that someone already asked you this before ^^
Install the cups-client on the pi, and enable browseing in cups.config.  
It should see every "shared" printer connected to your networks
cups-server.  My biggest problem is thats its a 100+ foot walk from the
pi to the printer. ;-)

The job is printed by the time I get these creaky old bones to the
printer to get the printout.

> Have a nice day! Thanks!

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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