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Question about colors with GIMP Print...

David Berlin
Hi all...glad to see everybody.  Well, as y'all know I am sure, sound
and printing are the biggest choking points with Redhat Linux--the
things that stop non-techies from using it and saying it's "too
complicated".  I'm not a techie but I've found folks in different forums
to be very helpful in getting Redhat FC2 and the GIMP and printing and
sound working more or less right.  Every once in a while I get in a
tweaking sort of mood, and I have two weeks of vacation left, and I feel
like getting the GIMP *really* working.

Okay.  As I said, I am running FC2, and the GUI I use to manage the
printer config is the GNOME printer config manager.  Okay, so we open
the GIMP and we load a photo I like and we go to print it. The printer I
am using is an Epson Stylus Photo EX.  We click print in the GIMP, we
get the print plugin, we click all the appropriate stuff, the photo
setting in the advanced setting, six color printing, correct driver for
that exact printer, the whole nine, we click print...and what comes out
is this heavily banded, oddly off color (I can't describe in what way
it's "off color", only that it is.  It sort of looks like the photo was
printed with too much black and light puke green) photograph.  Now, I've
printed on computer paper, typing paper, and medium and high quality
photo paper.  Same deal.  My guess is that a setting is not right or
some combination of settings is not right, but I as I said am not a
he-person techie so I can't even begin to guess how to set things right
or what the problem might be.  Maybe someone can help?

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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