Problem with most png images when building gimp-help

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Problem with most png images when building gimp-help

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask about a problem when
building gimp-help from git ?  If it isn't, where should I ask,
please ?

And if it is -

my basic process seems to work and I even get the mushroom 2.10
image in the index.  Building only 'en', I have the arrows etc for
navigation (in xml/en/images/ in the build dir) and I also have
using/wilber.png below that directory as well as in

But when I look at gimp-first-steps.html the image is missing for
Figure 3.1. Wilber, the GIMP mascot.

And in the html for this I have:

<div class="mediaobject"><img src="" alt="Wilber, the GIMP mascot" /><div class="caption">

With an empty src reference.  I've tried adding --enable-network,
but that made no difference (I've got a fairly full docbook-xslt
stack here).

Then I built pngnq (fun, but a simple sed lets it build) and
pngcrush : no difference.

But when I build the gimp against gvfs and read the online help I
can see that this image of Wilber appears.

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