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PSD support in GIMP

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One of the common topics regarding GIMP is its support for PSD files,
both importing and exporting.

There is now a wiki page that lists unsupported PSD features and explains:

- what features are not supported
- whether these features can be hacked on immediately or do they
require prior work
- what kind of prior work is required
- whether this prior work is mapped to any milestones in the official
roadmap, and thus certain features can only be expected after a
certain major update of GIMP

Obviously, it's a work in progress. If you don't see something covered
there, please tell us or, better yet, please file a bug report and
submit a sample file -- we miss such files for a few existing bug
reports regarding PSD:

Thank to an anonymous user on who politely nudged us in the
direction of creating this page :)

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