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I can't print

Harlan Johnson
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After frustration with a download that didn't work,  I found an intelligent
friend who helped me download the appropriate Mac OS X GIMP package
successfully  to my Mac Powerbook, and I started using it.

When it came time to print, it  wouldn't print.  It automatically seemed to
recognize that my printer is a Canon S820 but it said the "printer model" is
postscript 2.  I tried changing printer model and found NO "Canon S820"
printer in the menu.  Then I looked at  "command" and "PPD File" and found
information so confusing that I wondered what in heck I [an ordinary mortal
and not a supergeek] was doing trying to use GIMP!   What can I do here?
There ought to be a simpler way to print!

I was able to save it as a .JPG  and open the jpg photo using Macintosh's
Preview and then "print to .pdf"  printing from Preview, And I was also able
to print multiple copies by bringing it into iPhoto, but I'd like to be able
to print without having to do workarounds.

So bottom line: Can I have "idiot directions" as to how to configure my GIMP
to print using my Canon S820 printer?

Harlan Johnson
Rockford, IL

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