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Javier Celis Gonzalez [hidden email]

Hello GIMP developer.

I'm a GIMP user, this is a enjoying app and I like the clone and the warp
tools for funny photographs manipulations. My favourite plug-ins are the
enhace group that usually are operations in the previous blur group.

Nowadays, I'm learning and playing with the scripts and the scheme languaje
that is initialy a bit confuse and limited that python, but is nice for
work with layers. I could do a script, that can find a contour and make a
object selection based in a histogram percentile from difference of
translate layer by itself and another that changing levels to make white
the background in sectorial parts of a object and I'm now playing with
vectors, that are a very hard world.

I think that you can improve some skills that in GIMP is not present by
default in plug-ins,

1. Gradient. I didn't found the option of apply a gradient along path or
border, because I think feather is only transparency, to improve this I did
a gradient brush and with dynamics options correlate angle with direction,
for paint in saturation and lightness mode. Youl'd like put a button to
invert a path to stroke. I'm amazing that we can use the clipboard as brush.

2. Histogram. Return only a value, and get another value, need recalc
histogram. Instead of this, you can let give de value, red-channel,
green-channel, and blue-channel, lightness arrays, this need only one
histogram calc and is faster work only with the arrays. Another plug-in,
histogram-operator, can make a cumsum histogram, for easy find percentiles
between 2 values, make (diff (cumsum histogram)) the actual histogram
having the frequency data of each value, and we can improve (diff (diff
(cumsum histogram))) showing the carachteristics points of histogram,
maximum, minimum, and inflexion points that are an aproximation of similar
areas. Another plug-in can be developed for quickly search values but 256
array is little than big data or base data manipulation.

3. Color Calculator. All layer mode formulas. Is a very simple tool, but
the mathematic color transformation formulas there isn't present in a
plug-in or documentation. But scripting they might useful for layer mode
threshold values.

4. Hull. You can remove holes but what about get the closed convex contour.

5. Verbosity for script development. As GMIC tutorials puts his verbosity
in gimp terminal messages, but I search some qt plug-ins like "Blur
Median", GEGL "Bilateral Filter", etc. and the command for my scripts
didn't appear, explain this in your reference, docs or tutorials, please.

I would share with you the whitening script. It's based in the idea B&W RGB
Chroma. It was thought to make a selection a mask is the next step. You can
share it with GMIC or gimp-registry.

It's nice to know people that show fantastic methods and some of this are
instructive like image translate and contour and think why we move the face
when we say yes or no and learn about the machines needs reflects the human

Best regards.
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