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Gimp crash on copy/paste

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I'm hoping there is a troubleshooting guru out there willing to help me.
I've been dealing with this problem for months now and really want to
get to the bottom of it. I use gimp every single day but I am unable to
use copy/paste.
Others have experienced this problem and it seemed to always be related
to clipboard managers. I followed all the threads and bug reports I
could find on the problem and most all were fixed by removing their
clipboard managers. I both tried every single CBM I could find and ended
up removing them all, but the problem persists. IIRC, it was happening
back in 2.8 as well and has persisted through all the 2.10 updates.
My setup and stack trace are posted on the Gnome site.

Also there is the output of "yaourt clipboard manager" which shows all
the available CBMs in both Arch proper and the aur, which shows that
none are installed.
I am willing to track down any leads given, but I'm out of my depth on
exactly what to try next.
*Prostrates self to the gimp gods*


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