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GIMP save modfied EXIF

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>Dear Experts
>I am new to GIMP , I tried to search google for the below phrase :
>"GIMP saved modified date"
>But reveal no help.
>File --> Properties --> Advanced --> Here I tried to modify properties
>, after finishing what should I click to be save ?

Please any advice of this ?

zillah (via

It appears to be possible in newer GIMP experimental development versions:

has this comment:

"As of Gimp 2.9.4 (possibly 2.9.2) there is a built-in metadata editor/viewer. It is under the menu > Image > Image Metadata.


If you are on OSX and want a binary of this version (rather than compile from source), try Partha's McGimp variants, the McGimp 2.9.5 64-bit Experimental, or McGimp 2.9.5 64-bit Color Corrected Experimental, an interesting project in its own right.
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answered Aug 20 '16 at 10:42

I have not (so far) been able to veriify this, as I do not currently have a working 2.9.x ...

As I said in an earlier answer to this, if by chance something has changed your file date/time, and you want to re-set it to
the date/time the photo was taken, exiftool can be used to do so (see earlier post under same Subject at the Archives)
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