Four GIMP ICC profile bug reports - the solution is to *embed* GIMP's built-in sRGB profile

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Four GIMP ICC profile bug reports - the solution is to *embed* GIMP's built-in sRGB profile

Elle Stone
1. Add the ability to embed the GIMP built-in sRGB profile upon
exporting an image

    Except for exporting "design" elements for use on a web page, images
exported to disk should *always* have an embedded ICC profile. The only
reason GIMP is in this mess today is because web designers complained
more loudly than photographers, way back when.

2. Original ICC profile sometimes embedded in exported file even after
converting to built-in sRGB

    The solution to this problem is to always *embed* GIMP's built-in
sRGB profile in place of the originally embedded ICC profile, OR at the
user's option and specifically for web designers, strip away the
originally embedded ICC profile before exporting the file as an sRGB image.

3. exif tags and embedded color space profile not synchronized

    The solution to this problem is to *embed* an ICC profile, including
GIMP's built-in sRGB profile. Don't automatically alter or delete the
original camera-generated exif tags - altering or deleting such data is
something that should be left up to user initiative.

4. exporting to jpeg from 32-bit float linear image produces jpeg in
linear color space

    The solution to this problem is to *always* convert the image to
32-bit "gamma" precision before exporting an image as an 8-bit jpeg, and
then *embed* the built-in sRGB profile, assuming of course the image in
fact is in one of GIMP's built-in sRGB color spaces.
    The user shouldn't have to take extra steps to make this happen.
Jpeg compression is designed to work with perceptually uniform RGB.
    It might be nice to add a user option to override the automatic
conversion to perceptually uniform RGB before exporting an image. But
the only reason I can think of to export a linear gamma sRGB image to
disk is to show that it's really not a good idea because of resulting
compression artifacts.
    In any event, all such exported sRGB images should have an embedded
sRGB ICC profile, except for the pathological case (web browsers being
pathological in their variously incorrect ways of doing color
management) of exporting an image to disk for use as a web design
element, in which case the image absolutely must be converted to
perceptually uniform sRGB before being exported without an embedded ICC

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