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Font formats in Gimp

Barton Bosch
This might be slightly OT, my apologies if it causes any inconvenience.  I just
got some new fonts and am not quite sure how/if I can use some of them.

The TTF fonts are familiar;  I just put them into my font directory.  There are
also a few .AFM (Adobe?) fonts.  I found other .afm files on my (fedora)
machine.  Are these only for acrobat and printing?  Can I use them with The
Gimp?  How can/would I install them.

Then there are .wfn fonts which are apparently some proprietary Corel format and
are nowhere to be found on my machine.  Are these Gimp/Linux compatible at all?



PS:  the last two messages I've sent to the list via SMTP haven't propagated
AFAIK so I'm reposting through a web interface.  Apologies if you receive
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