Any way to use more cores ? (2.9.4, linux)

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Any way to use more cores ? (2.9.4, linux)

Ken Moffat
I'm back on what, for the moment, is my main photo machine (x86_64
linux, 4 cores) where I'm running 2.9.4.  Now that I've scripted
that part of my process which uses 3 exposures, and got it working
in 2.8.20 on a lesser machines, I'm adjusting it so that it also
works on 2.9.4.

When I was doing each step by hand, the fact that it ran slowly was
not a very big deal.  But now I'm adding forced errors to stop it
after each logical step (it *appeared* to run after I changed the
layer mode names to digits for -hopefully- backward compatability),
but to do nothing other than produce warnings that one function was
now deprecated) so that I can view the layers and if necessary
correct fubars (only a misname so far), the long runtime is starting
to annoy me.

Is suspect this is just something I'll have to get used to
(hopefully a new machine will turn up this year, perhaps with an NVM
drive devoted to /home :) but I thought I'd ask.  In 2.8.20 it
appeared to use all the cores - I know the 2.9 xcf files will be
bigger, but is there anything I can do to speed it up ?

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